Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fuck the Taliban

Malala Yousufzai

In an act of complete faggotry, earlier this week members of the Taliban decided to chase down a school bus in Swat Valley, Pakistan; in search of a little girl who had committed an egregious sin - authoring a blog, which criticized said Taliban.

After chasing the bus down, the cowards proceeded to ask the little girls inside to identify Malala Yousufzai - and then opened fire, injuring two other girls also in the vehicle, while attempting to kill Malala.

They almost succeed in murdering Malala, as they strike the child in the neck with a bullet. She is rushed to the hospital, and luckily survives after the bullet is removed, though barely.

The Taliban issues the following statement after learning of Malala's survival:

"If she survives, she most certainly won't next time - We will most certainly kill her".

Every time you start to think those drone strikes are immoral, and should be internationally banned, something like this happens and reminds you that a drone strike aimed at these uneducated fucking cave hoppers would be a great fucking idea.

I understand fighting for beliefs, and I understand people have differences. As terrible as it is, war can be necessary. But shooting up a little girl on the way home from school? For writing a blog? Want to know where the line is drawn? 

Right here mother fuckers.

How about this, Taliban - Fuck you. 

Fuck you and your beliefs. Fuck your villages, fuck Osama, fuck the traitors in Afghanistan who betrayed the revolution.

Bunch of faggots with your faggoty prophets and your shitty little caves and RPG's. Faggots.

And I saw that mansion Osama was in. Nice fucking mansion, looked like a shit hole, and he didn't even have a fucking Blu-ray player - Place fucking sucked and I hope they did take a shit on his corpse before pissing on it. Proper burial my ass, fuck him and fuck you and proper burials.

With actions like this, you lose the right to a "proper war" and "proper burials". You should all be impaled and lined up around the city to remind people what happens when you commit these atrocities in the name of your faggot like beliefs.

And those dusty robes are fucking gay, so go fuck yourselves.

No one gives a shit if you don't think women should go to school. You people are fucking morons and you won't ever rule a significant country in this world. Bunch of faggoty religious zealots. 

They should all be hung, every last one of them. Or lined up in front of the firing squad. 

This news deserves a longer write up, and in all likely hood will get one. However, good luck to the child who was shot by these bitch ass mother fuckers. Hope she recovers and writes 1000 more articles calling out these fucking retards.


Anonymous said...

Wow. You seem to be much more angry than the last article you wrote about something ridiculous and outrageous happening in Pakistan. Still, I basically agree with your premise. Looks like some time freed up for me at work by the way (obviously).


MT said...

Well, these idiots are murdering children over a blog. If there is any reason to get angry, this is probably it. But in reality, it is more disgust than anger. And we just need to let those cave zealots know that we can be just as ruthless as they are, when needed.

LouisianaFireGorilla said...

"Yes, I agree" - The word of Fyegor.

Anonymous said...

You haven't posted since October 11th?

-Marcus Jameson the Third.

MT said...

Indeed. Metal Thug has been having parts of his jaw removed, However -I'm still here. Check the News For the Masses, mildly updated. More soon. Thanks for reading, "Marcus".

fuck taliban said...

I agree, Taliban members should all fucking die

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