Saturday, October 6, 2012

N K E - Israel & Supporters Disrespect Islam, But Still Get Upset When Anyone Disrespects Israel (N)

Friday, a federal judge ordered the Washington DC Metro to allow a pro-Israel ad to be posted throughout the transit system. Apparently, allow it quick, quicker than a dancing jew even, as these posters and signs have to be up by 5 PM Monday.

A Metro spokesman has said that they will comply with the order (of course), so up the ads will go.


I am all for free speech, so off the get right I don't see an issue with the Judges decision - And even if I did not agree, as it is the law of the land, I'd imagine that they have the RIGHT to post this type of idiocy. I think more of the blame should be put on the Jewish who support these types of ads, and the American Freedom Defense Initiative. The AFDI in fact fought for these ads to go up. As I mentioned, their fight was basically for the freedom to put up this inflammatory nonsense.

I'm sick and fucking tired of the world getting up in arms when Mel Gibson calls someone a "kike" after getting plastered, but said world then barely shows a pulse of reaction when shit like this is thrown from the other side of the fence. And that is really the point of this article I am writing - Why the double standard? 

Now riddle me this, trash can - Why the fuck is it ok to put up this type of poster, but every time someone says "Hey, Israel should stop occupying Palestine" everyone is labeled anti-semites, or racist Nazi's?

If someone put up a poster saying "END ZIONISM, NUKE ISRAEL" in the middle of New York, there would be so much media outrage you would have to cut the TV off before the star of david shot out of it and hit you in the mouth. Why the outrage for one and not the other? 

If there is anything that is more annoying than a political christian, it is definitely the political jew. I am all for having the state of Israel, but acting like they have some god given divine right to a country is fairly outlandish. Everyone knows what happened - After world war two and the terrible atrocities of the Nazi regime, a bunch of europeans went to the middle east and basically stole land, then created the "state" of Israel. The holocaust was a terrible, terrible event, and I won't ever downplay that. But back to child education for the response here - two wrongs don't make a right. 

Does anyone have a god given right to land? Or is it a god given right to steal land? When do the god given rights end, and who is determining these rights? And who is god giving these rights too? Not the Palestinians, I guess. 

That is really what these posters are about. Defeat Jihad? Did they even bother to read the definition of Jihad?

The ad's are a stupid do-it-because-we-can play, and it is the same thing with putting a mosque in New York on top of the rubble that used to be the twin towers. Its fucking stupid, disrespectful, and everyone knows it is just going to piss other people off. Enough of the double standards. Stop getting mad about the NY mosque, but not about this. 

And yes, I am being anti-Israel in this article. And no matter what you assume, I have no ill will towards any jewish person, just because they believe in that religion, or they were born into it. I'm not anti-semitic just because you think I am "mean" or I say "mean stuff", and you like attacking Muslims as well as anyone who disagrees with Israel's terrible polices. 

The posters should come down, but they won't. Israeli supporters and the hard line Jewish will defend this type of shit, and bring up misrepresented historical facts and all kinds of nonsense. Don't bother to listen to them, do yourself a favor and stay informed, read a book.

At the very least we will still get some gratification from these posters one way or another in the coming weeks. I for one, can't wait to see photos of them after they have been defaced, and I'd assume that is just about guaranteed to happen, likely sooner than later.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I saw this on the news. I was bewildered that this was not considered extremely politically incorrect. Like when Imus said "nappy headed hos," and it was front page news for at least a month, you would expect the same thing in regards to this. But instead the news was interviewing people, and they were saying either, "well, they have a point," or, "yeah, I mildly consider it slightly offensive. yawn..."


MT said...

Double standards across the board when it comes to Israel. You can't disagree with anything they do without being labeled an anti-semite.

Dee said...

1November 13, 2012 - Big news this morning is about the continuing story of sex scandal of Gen Petraeus (head of CIA) and now another top Gen Allen (Afhanistan) of inappropriate emails maybe more to this... The FBI had been investigating for 5 months and just tells the President this week? But let's get real they are merely MEN and men have affairs with women. It has been happening for thousands of years. This doesn't surprise me but at the high level being head of the CIA and to be carrying on an affair and lying what does this tell you?

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