Thursday, September 6, 2012

2012-2013 Preview: Metal Thug - The Big Salmon LP


2012-2013: METAL THUG - The Big Salmon LP
Studio LP - Premium DL & CD Preview

That is right people - The Big Salmon LP is being prepared to slap the shit out of you with fat raps and good beats.
A magical fucking conglomeration of greatness. It includes the work of Metal Thug, various guests, and producer PD Hustle. Like every other group, we will say we don't give a fuck if you like our music. As a matter of fact it works out better if you hate it, cause' that will cause argument and conversation which can only spark popularity.

That's right. Fat raps. So fat, if we were to use city listings, we are so fucking fat we are in 4 cites at all times, no matter where we plant our Godzilla, tree trunk-like limbs.

The only place we do not tour is Rhode Island, because we don't fit within fucking state lines. We can stomp into Russia and simultaneously be in concert in Beijing, the pacific ocean, and various small states in one mic eating, ho slaying instance.
We bust about crazy shit, waste management, life, politics, banging, and sometimes gaming. (That's right, 50 percent the s**t your used to hearing, and 50 percent the s**t you need to hear but haven't.)

PD Hustle, been making beats and tracks for years. Fat beats, so fat infact, you can only measure the tightness of them with a truck scale. 



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MT can you give us a little preview? :)

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