Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fuck Glenn Beck

Hey guy! 

That's him. Capitalist sympathizer, or maybe Capitalist wanna be, the one, the only, the fag, Glenn Beck.

For those of you who are not familiar (I'll assume everyone is), he does columns and writings for CNN, and probably various combinations of other media which in total amount to the cesspool which is his current career. Books, a buncha of shit, a lot of money, apparently. Fucker might even be retired these days. (And to be fair, cesspool is a bit harsh - Mother fucker has a Scrooge McDuck money bin out back).

Maybe he is hanging out with Rush. You know. Two bitch ass guys, just swimming around in a giant vault, filled with empty prescription pill bottles and gold bars.

As he writes, or talks, whatever the dick is doing, he goes on; normally writing about subjects which are also the mass media's topic of the week, and then tries to put his personal spin on it. Only problem is, his personal spin is shitty and his show sucks. How is it popular? I would say good question, but hey I have even watched it just to scream at my TV like a jack ass and call him a fucking moron.

Several months ago, this also accompanied all of his writings on

Fuck Glen Beck
Life is great. God damn great. Join me, will you?

That's right. This son of a bitch does his "Hi, 1950's life is great" department store promo smile. Not only does he act like life in every home in America is a great big dream complete with virgins, copious amounts of alcohol and video games, he adds insult to injury by posting his big gay ass smiling face next to his four paragraphs which basically illustrate with words him blowing capitalist Americas dick. I guess it worked out for him - So he owes it to current system, or something.

He is another example of why capitalism doesn't work. Basically preaching self serving to the fullest, while talking about how much he "donates to charities" when arguing with adversaries. Hey asshole - Thanks for donating to a charity of your choosing, but not wanting to pay more taxes. 


In a more recent show of bitch ass-ness and naïveté, the asshole actually complains because people treat him differently than they treat some others - Due to his words, actions, and political stances.

Nice job jackass, way to spout off about "personal responsibility" and the like.

It's the same fucking shit with all of these upper echelon people on the right - Everything they talk about it all fine and fucking dandy, until it fucks up their day as it generally fucks up everyone elses.

Hey, I get it. It's easy to be pro-private health care - when you can afford that health care, a nice house, the BMW out front AND long vacations, after all.

Guess what bitch - You get treated a certain way if people don't like you, or agree with you. Much like you treat people on your very own show, whom you disagree with. Welcome to the real world, Lord Beck.

One thing I agree with, is that yes, Che Guevara was a fuck up revolutionary.  Still a great man Che was, but hey - It didn't work out in Bolivia. As far as what me and Glenn Beck agree on, that's about it.

In closing a message for Glenn Beck (And I do hope this gets to you):

Fuck you.


Anonymous said...

You have your way. Jon Stewart has his way. Both of you have the same opinion about Glenn Beck. There's more than 1 road to get to the "Fuck Glenn Beck" destination.


MT said...

I'm sure his path is fine, as anyone knocking Beck off of his golden horse get's props from myself, however I prefer the cursing. Thanks for reading.

Anyways, fuck Glenn Beck.

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