Tuesday, September 25, 2012

N K E - Pakistani Government and Religious Laws Still Fucking Up Life for Pakistani Citizens (N)

Blasphemous, evil, hypno-magician and criminal (allegedly), Rimsha Masih

A 14 year old Pakistani girl, Rimsha Masih; was locked up in August of this year after "allegedly" burning a copy of the Qur'an. A wonderful life one must live under religious law. 

The frightening part, is that the broken law in this case - can net the godless, sinning-warmonger of a child some hefty jail time, or worse as punishment. By being accused of burning the good book, she is accused of committing "blasphemy" - For a basic, not fucking-nuts definition; see doing anything religious people don't really like, or seemingly saying "mean things", about whichever book said religion props up-above reality.

The law in the nation of Pakistan treats blasphemy as a "capital offense" - For a comparable crime/punishment which you might be familiar with, see things like, oh I don't know, MURDER, in the United States.

So, this child is facing something like the rest of her life in a Pakistani prison, or some type of god awful execution, such as being hung or having rocks thrown at her face until she dies* - for burning a book.

One of the biggest issues I take with the religious, is that it is seemingly impossible for clearer minds to prevail. That is another article, or maybe 100 articles, however the key terms in this write up are "accused" and "allegedly". Apparently, law enforcement officials actually did a proper investigation, and found out that there is no evidence proving Rimsha burnt the Qur'an in the first place.

It isn't really fair to only pick out Pakistan for the terrible religious laws of middle eastern states, however, one of the points of this article is that against all odds, CLEARER MINDS PREVAILED. As fucking odd as it is, it looks like they might NOT beat this poor kid to death with a rock, or lock her up in a stone cell for all eternity. 

As it goes, looks like some neighbor accused her of this dastardly act, screaming that she had burnt the book until an angry mob showed up, followed by police and the good ol' "Put your little baby hands behind your back" speech.

I know you are 7, but burn one more fucking page, bitch.

Turns out, after receiving death threats - among other terrible things (for again, burning a book), Rimsha was blessed by Prop Mo so to speak, and the police showed the matter its due diligence and figured out that the  opportunistic, sex starved, middle eastern, Islamic law taught-chauvinistic-dickhead next door, in all probability set the girl up. And for what? Well, for what amounts to her not fucking him. And shocker - Looks like he himself actually burnt the pages of the sacred tome. 

The poor girl is is now hiding after being released on bail, but her chances of getting on with her life went from 0, to like 39 percent, thanks to just a little, tiny, pie slice of sanity. Sanity not commonly found in societies ran with laws fueled by religious beliefs. 

I don't want to give the Pakistani authorities too much credit here however - Just as earlier I did not want to put the whole onus of religious tyranny on Pakistan (As truth be told, other nations are much worse in the "Fuck you, God is angry" department). The fact of the matter is this: someone is still going to have a fucked up day (see: life) thanks to the burning of a book. Now the dick head in this case deserves more than a slap on the wrist. However, what about when a 14 year old does burn the Qur'an?

Isn't there a better solution?

You can see just how dire the situation is from her speaking with CNN in the excerpt below - Even though keep in mind, due to all accounts it has been proven that the girl is in fact innocent.

She and her family spoke to CNN in early September from an undisclosed location, in hiding after Rimsha was released on bail -- a move that appeared to be in reaction to the global condemnation of her jailing. The teen said she was happy to be with her family, but feared for her life. "I'm scared," she said by phone. "I'm afraid of anyone who might kill us. "The teen spoke in short sentences, answering "yes" or "no" in a shy and nervous voice. 

Got that? Here is the really friendly part: 

In CNN's interview with her, Rimsha said, "No, no," when asked if she burned pages of the Quran. In Pakistan, people accused of blasphemy are often attacked and sometimes killed by vigilantes.

Angry, religious, Islamic vigilantes. Awesome.

A frightened little girl, is saying "no no" when asking about burning a book, while hiding with her family due to the fear of death, all stemming from the accusation of burning some paper bound together.

It is still paper people. I Understand the words are important- To some. And they should be respected - To a certain degree. But let's say she did burn the damn book (which she did not) - It's a fucking book, and she is 14. Enough of the murdering or life sentences over book burnings.

It challenges the mind when I think of entire nations putting punishments like the above into law. But in many ways these extremes have been ingrained into all of us through society, though to varying degrees. On some levels, I understand it. I believe in things. We all do. But if a kid burns a copy of the Bill of Rights, or "Quotations from Chairman Mao" is it really the proper course to jail them for life, or chop off their head?

(Islam will dominate the world! Freedom can go to hell!) - Nice. Sign me up. (Not really)

I understand that majority of the religious, be it Muslims or Christians; are not as radical. But the fact is if you follow these religions to the last letter, they don't leave a way out for the non-believer. Or for the other religion. Outside of converting, the other side is fucked. Banished to eternal damnation as it were. And if you aren't radical, does that make you moderate? Because if you are "moderate", according to the various good books and teachings, you yourself are breaking religious code - Whether you see it that way or not. 

I'm all for religion being in someones private life, but let's leave it out of law. Just like in the US, we have legislation being imposed on marriage, and abortion - Enough. Leave it out. These ideas are backed by religion and have no place being written into the law of the land.

I know political movements and beliefs have killed millions in the past, but these beliefs at least can have an evolution. These ideas can evolve, move on, change and alter with time. There is no option for evolution in holy texts or scriptures. Creationists and followers of religion for the most part don't believe in evolution - And why should they after all, since they already have all the answers, and their life path has been pre-determined.

It all goes back to this basic point - Fact is they are putting the idea/book/belief over the well being of innocent people (not to mention children). If you are willing to ruin a childs life, or execute them, over a book, then what is that book really worth to humanity? When ideas, religions, and political beliefs stop moving civilization forward, and helping the people of the world, that is where the disconnect is with reality. 

What's the point?

Turns out that the godless communists might have been more fair after all, with things like re-education camps. I know that life isn't always fair, and that is the rebuttal of the greedy few. 

Well, no thanks then. No thanks to the books answer, I'll pass. I'll take re-education about 1000 times out of 1000 if the alternative is you know, death, or the probable but not-likely wish you have for me; that is never-ending, un-countable years burning in hell and screaming like a skinned dog.

Let's hope for all of our sakes that the next large scale war isn't a religious one - The ugliest actions imaginable can be under taken with glee, if someone thinks god is on their side.

Pass me a red book. And good luck to Rimsha.

*(Note - The only legal form of execution in Pakistan is Hanging).


Anonymous said...

Alright, this is "Boze." I'm writing this comment while reading the article, so my comment will probably be long and hopefully will be good.

I just read the part about "blasphemy." It seems to me that anyone who's sensitive enough to think that the punishment for "blasphemy" should be anything other than wagging a finger is too defensive of their religion, possibly because they feel insecure about it, or possibly because they're a dick who wants everyone on earth to be their religion, or possibly because they have a good heart, but think anyone who's not their religion is going to hell when they die, so they want to save the likes of you and me from hell.


Now I see what you're saying, about clearer minds prevailing. (Anyone who's reading this who isn't Chris or Brian missed out on part of the conversation.)

The picture of the guy with the gun is great.

Well written about the horny next door hypocrit.

39% = sadly funny and also probably accurate.

Yeah, as an extremely moderate religious person myself, I'll say that the zealots do not like us moderates. Even within my own religious group, they completely disagree with me on common sense issues like whether a couple should live with each other before getting married. To me, it's unfathomable to marry someone you've never even spent the night with. But to some others, it's pure sin to live with a significant other you're not married to.

I agree with you about not allowing religion to dictate the law of the land. I'm going to take it a step futher though, and say let's not let restraints we want for ourselves to have to spill over to everyone under the same law system. In other words, I'm for strong self regulations, if that's what the individual wants, but weak government regulations on personal liberty. Of course we have to have limits, but generally I think the government sticks it's nose into way too many personal decisions, and yes the root of that has a lot to do with Christianity in our country.

I already told you this in a facebook message, but I too would choose a gulag (spelling?) about 1,000 times out of a 1,000 over being disciplined by the government of Pakistan, or any other extreme religious government.

MT said...


Thanks for taking the time to read the article. I know we have some common ground, however we are likely apart on various issues.

Yes, the guy with the gun and the caption I thought, were a nice touch. I may even do an entire article on that jack ass and his stupid smile.

The 39% is sad and probably true, indeed.

As far as the gulag, I feel the gulag is the most extreme form of Re-Education - So you are taking my comment a couple steps forward, however yes, it seems even the gulag would be preferable to eternal damnation or extreme religious discipline administered by religious hard liners.

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