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Jimmy Hoffa - FBI Thinks They Found Him (Again).

Hoffa - Saying "Hello" to Robert Kennedy

37 years after the "mysterious" disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa, a new lead has appeared. Apparently, some guy called the FBI and proceeded to tell them that some dead body was buried at some house; located in Michigan - During the same timeframe that Hoffa pulled his great disappearing act. 

Thanks for the amazing, in-depth information, informant A.

The FBI, during preliminary testing, has found anomalies under a concrete slab beneath the house, or driveway, (details are sketchy - surprise) and they have made plans to drill - to look for, well what else, a dead body. 

Not much is known about the informant, as I would imagine being anonymous is important in matters like these. However, I find it hard to believe that anyone whom cares enough to kill the informant is still alive today, or still willing to murder over the location Jimmy Hoffa's dead body. It was damn near 40 years ago, after all.

Jimmy Hoffa

Jimmy Hoffa was a friend of the masses, and a champion of organized labor, in particular the trucking industry. Unfortunately, his disappearance gets more attention than his actions and life, which is most likely the true pity here.

Hoffa rose at a time when someone like himself was needed as a leader in the organized labor movement. Though not as powerful these days in any industry, (thanks to not having leaders like Jimmy Hoffa) unions where on the way to - or at their peak during Hoffa's tenure, who lead the Teamsters for a short time but was involved with the labor movement for several years, both before and after his time as boss.

Charismatic, intelligent, but still rough around the edges, Hoffa battled the pretty boys of the 60's & 70's - The Kennedy's. From the 1960's onward, he dealt with endless investigations and hearings as Robert Kennedy seemingly had a personal vendetta against him. Some people have a different stance, but to hell with all the nonsense, it's compatible to JFK's battle with Castro, and I was never much a fan of the Kennedy's to begin with - So I'm good with the vendetta stance.

Eventually, Hoffa was charged with taking money from the union's $300 Pension Fund, found guilty and sentenced to 13 years in prison. He was pardoned by Nixon in 1971, but with conditions; one being that he could not be involved with the organized labor movement until 1980.

Obviously, this caveat caused a bit of trouble, as Hoffa was none too pleased that he would be unable to once again lead the Teamsters organization that he himself had built. To make matters worse, the confidantes that Hoffa had left in power, were not so anxious to give that power up, once he was released from Prison. In fact, they liked the conditions just fine. As it went, they also liked being the boss. 

HIs past dealings with organized crime, and the just mentioned "Ah, shit" situation, all likely played a part in his death.

You may have noticed in the first paragraph, "mysterious" is in quotations. This is because really, everyone already knows why - and what - happened to Jimmy Hoffa. He was murdered, most likely by people he considered at the very least associates, and then either ran through a wood chipper or hacked up with an axe, before being buried in pieces or dropped off in a lake.

A wood chipper. Jimmy Hoffa is not pictured, that is in fact - a tree.

The only mysterious things here are who chopped him up, and finally what location they chose when they dumped his body (what was left of it).

Jimmy Hoffa is the alternate to someone like Robert Kennedy, and should be remembered for how he was able to lead the people from outside of the typical political structure. His ways were not always clean, as shown by his ties to the mob, however he had the best interest of those he lead at the forefront of his thoughts, and his actions show this. He made lives better for those he served - And that is the mark of a good leader.

He should be remembered more for these things, and less for getting hacked up, and most likely murdered by those who were at one time, considered friends or loyal supporters. The middle class needs another man like Jimmy Hoffa.

And how come the FBI can find everyone else, but not Hoffa? Another article, I suppose.

RIP Jimmy Hoffa, a man of the people.

Update - It has been confirmed that said body might be under the driveway, not under the home itself.


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You dolt. Unelected big labor thugs deserve to be chopped up. At least the asshats in Washington can be recycled every few years. I say good riddance.

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