Monday, September 17, 2012

Faggots in Formal Wear (Why Follow?)

This raptor is not a faggot.

Mitt Romney is a faggot. So is Paul Ryan. I know - Many people won't be comfrotable saying this, or reading it, but you know you were thinking it. And that is why that shit had to be written.

Guess what?

I'm not really that comfortable. As I sit here in my low cost, mildly shitty computer chair, I think of the friends I have who support Mitt "Faggot" Romney and his crew of rich assholes. I find myself wondering if I am actually able to call them friends.

"But he can run a business"?! America isn't a business, dick.

As it were, I am the type of cat who can generally sit down, discuss politics, and religion "in a bar", or anywhere really. I adore it actually. To hear differing opinions, and to argue the facts while gaining knowledge from the other side.  Also to put people in their place when they get over zealous. This is a love of mine, I freely admit.

Mitt Romney, and Paul Ryan; the two propped up in front of the people for this round of what-rich-guy-gets to run the US, are nothing you haven't seen before. They are your typical white, full head of hair with a firm hand shake duo. Some faggoty assholes in formal outfits who generally smile and look pretty. They were also probably successful, at something.

Bain Capital, this or that. No one really gives a shit what, but they ARE SUCCESSFUL, damn you. They were raised in the great US of A, and happened to have some help (Whether it be rich parents, or otherwise, it is still help) to get to the top.

The current crop of republicans want you to basically tow the line that is this:

"Fuck everyone else. If you work hard you deserve all you have, if you can get it (but you don't deserve any assistance if you need it and can't buy it), and you should NOT pay taxes."

"Why should the government take our money!? We earned it. Fuck the government... Unless it is us. Unless we want the right to tell you what we should pay into taxes, and the right to tell you what religion is correct."

"Also, we are assholes".

Vote for me! I'm a fag!

That about sums the right up these days. 

I know there is more to the platform, but fuck off with all the excuses to push religion on everyone and come up with a reason for being greedy - I don't give a shit and I don't agree.

And no, I'm not a democrat - But the popular right in this country is borderline retarded these days (Some people champion Limbaugh and Glenn Beck) - So ya, no thanks.

Another thing, one of them is Mormon. So he is most likely bat shit fucking crazy.

I know separation of church and state is kind of a big thing in this country. So naturally,  I keep smacking my fat ass head against the wall, wondering in amazement how the right continues to use religion as a political platform and continually passes themselves off as some type of anime-mech defender of the constitution, and bill of rights.

At the end of the day they don't give a fuck about us. Or you. Or the masses. Or your mom.

Not even the slightest of fucks was given, on any day as it were.

They want to tell you not to abort your child, but when it appears in this world, they are the last to let that child into their home. They want to tell you it is their business if you want to be gay, and they should regulate what goes on in your bedroom (unless it involves storing a firearm there).

They want to tell you not to pay taxes, but rely on them to trickle money down if something needs done for the public. Trickle the money down you know, just like Romney trickled jobs overseas and out of the country to make larger profits in his younger years.

Turns out this asshole is pretty bad at trickling, unless he is trickling money into his pocket at the expense of others like a giant greedy piece of shit.

An odd creature politics is. What is the fucking deal? Let's he honest with ourselves - Obama isn't a saint, but at the ground level it would surely seem - He at least kinda cares about the people (you and me), instead of mostly profits. It is radical to say that sure. Maybe.

See, not all Mormons are bat-shit crazy

I'm sure Romney likes his wife, some people, and probably other Mormons a bit more than overall profit. And Jesus. Maybe.

Why would you agree with these type of people? Out of principle or a common religious belief structure alone? My friends, many of you - I do not believe in your God. I will state that now, and if that makes us enemies, see you in hell (probably not though).

But what I do believe in, is your right to have a God, and a good, healthy life - Even if you aren't one of the lucky ones.

Even if you can't afford to have a heart transplant, I still think you should get one if you need one. These are basic rights in my mind. A lot goes into calling Romney and majority of republicans these days faggots. It isn't simply one issue - pandering to the religious, health care, seemingly valuing the dollar more than the people, the list is pretty damn long, terrible and shitball like.

Stop following these faggoty leaders already. Excuses, and faggots. That is what they offer. The democrats aren't much better, but at least they aren't straight up being dick heads.

And follow for what? Out of a few common beliefs (not to mention a common hate - another article).
Remember, these are the type of assholes who would gladly ban your beliefs if they didn't share them with you. The US needs some sort of revitalization, and change, but Reagan failed, and the trickle down system failed. It needs to come from somewhere else.

Being rich and successful, you are still a member of the masses until you choose to separate yourself, or put yourself on a pillar; as a sort of new era king or queen.

We all want to be successful to some extent, and most would like to be wealthy - And that is good - You can still rule with everyone else, while being more wealthy - It just has to be as part of a group of citizens - and don't rule as if everyone has the same access to wealth as you do.

Remember - The masses should run this country, and all other countries for that matter. Not a few people who worked the system. Not a few people who worked hard. Not a few at all - this is the point. And especially not a few people who got lucky, whether they admit it or not.


Anonymous said...

Obama is a depressed President who lost his fire the day after he was elected, but that's still much better than the possible future of a President obsessed with increasing disparity, or the past, with a President who stubbornly defending every unconstitutional move he allowed his subordinates to convince him to do.

Good article.


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