Friday, September 28, 2012

Ronda Rousey - Too Sexy, Damn Near Fully Clothed

Photo of Ronda Rousey,  Strikeforce Women's Bantamweight Champion

Let me preface this by saying I really don't care if they don't put the damn photos on the cover, and I am in no way outraged/upset by it, or anything of the like. But my question is, what makes them think it is too sexy, and why do they even think that, or why are they worried about it?

As if this hasn't been covered by thousands of other media outlets over the last few days, I figured I would give a quick take on Ronda Rousey's photo from above, being deemed "too sexy" for the cover of Oxygen Magazine.

No really, any excuse to post the photos here on would have been good enough for myself.

But com'on - too sexy? I know being politically correct is the proper way to ensure you aren't sued, or labeled a sexist/racist/socialist/insertlabelhere, but really - How the fuck is the above picture too sexy? Furthermore, what the fuck does too sexy even mean?

Too much skin showing, or something like that? Provocative gesturing, maybe?

I don't really get it, and I am not sure what age group Oxygen's magazine targets, but ESPN and their body issue clearly didn't feel the same. Look at the picture above, then compare them to the photos of Rousey for that ESPN publication, as pictured below:

I'm a fan of these photos.

I'd have to say, that the ESPN pictures at the very least, show quite a bit more skin. I'd also have to say, someone else might even find them "more sexy" than the photos shot for the Oxygen cover.

Out of everything ESPN does, I have always particularly liked being able to see star athletes basically naked in the ESPN "Body" issues. I'm a simple man, and hey look - I'll admit it - simple things like a hot-ass naked woman, please me just fine. Rousey as a good example, is beautiful. It also helps, being a supporter of combat sports as I am, that she can break about 99 percent of the human populations arms at any given moment, if she were in a confrontation.

Rousey doing what she does best - Breaking arms. The unfortunate recipient of the broken arm you see above was Meisha Tate. Unsurprisingly, the picture still makes me uncomfortably shift in my seat while squinting, just as the scene did live on TV.

Not sure what else there is to say about the oxygen photos being too sexy for a magazine cover, other than I disagree, and I think it is fucking stupid. Another example of too much political correctness in society. Too sexy indeed.

Well, one thing you can count on - They aren't too sexy for, this low rent parking lot of a website. But you know what, I like that environment, I like it just fucking dandy, and as a matter of fact - I'll probably find somewhere on the site to put them - permanently. 

Good luck to Rousey on her next fight, and congratulations to her, on becoming the face of women's MMA. Everyone else enjoy the photos, fights and armbars.


Unknown said...

Oxygen magazine is based on women's fitness and health. I don't know if you've seen any of the photos inside but most of the women ARE half naked and or in bikinis. Given most of them aren't provocative photos, but they aren't trying to tone down the skin showing either. The photo you linked is in my opinion not "too sexy," for the cover. She has an innocent smile on her face almost proud. It's not like she is trying portray her come "f" me face. The only thing that makes this photo even sexy and not just oh she's hot is the fact she is arching her back slightly ...which obviously means her toosh is going to stick out more. Really...Too sexy..not at all. Like you said MT the photos beneath it could be considered "Too sexy" for a certain magazine cover, but not the first.

MT said...

Thank you for the comment B-Cran, I'm glad you were able to read the article. It is good to see a lady agree also. I don't read Oxygen Magazine, mainly because I am a big, fat, unfit man, however I am sure it is a fine publication outside of this moronic bout of skin fear.

Unknown said...

I'm B-zilla now. You should work in articles about food, or restaurant reviews. =D You really can't go wrong with food. I don't know, I've only skimmed through it a couple times and like I said above a lot of the women are in BIKINIS and are showing a lot of skin. Really I don't think it was the amount of skin just the angle and small arch of her back that made them put up the big X and say "too much skin!"

Anonymous said...

I prefer Chris' articles that have to do with politics / international issues.

I'm surprised MT has not written anything about the recent clash between Japan and Taiwan over some islands.


P.S. MT, do you have a day and time and place that we can get together with Anthony?

MT said...

I like those articles more myself, however MMA and Boxing are the primary sports I follow, so it is always good to keep them represented here on

PS - Nope.

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